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Property owners of Mystic Shores come from many different places and backgrounds. Everyone brings something special to this community.  Similarly, the stunning land of Mystic Shores was explored and settled by a diversity of folks over the past 350+ years, many of whom made their unique mark upon the area. 

The following articles are intended to connect with the past – to create an appreciation for the challenges, sacrifices and unique circumstances that developed the land where we now live. There is a strong “mystique” in Mystic Shores. May a glimpse of the past add to the readers’ appreciation and respect for this lovely land!

The history referred to herein is sourced from interviews and writings of many people. Special thanks to those that have worked these lands and shared their stories. Special thanks also to descendents of founders and other locals who have worked diligently to document the great history of the region and shared their information.  

Enjoy!  Paula    



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