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German Family Cemeteries in Mystic Shores
The Germans were the first immigrants to settle and live in the area of Mystic Shores, arriving about 1845. They inhabited lands up and down the Guadalupe River from New Braunfels extending to the Rebecca Creek area. These settlers worked hard, as they sourced all their own materials for food, shelter and life’s other necessities.  They also played hard, and well-organized socials included dances, birthday parties, bowling, and target shooting.

Mystic Shores is home to two old family cemeteries dating back to the German settlers in the mid-to-late 1800’s. 

The Bremer CemeteryBremer Home
Travel to Mystic Shores Boulevard off Mystic Parkway and, just before the big curve to the left, you see the remains of an old rock building on the right – the old Bremer home. Julius Bremer was the area butcher. He also donated the original five acres of land where Rebecca Creek School was located further down what is now Mystic Shores Boulevard. Just before the remains on the right, there is a reserve road that leads to the Bremer family cemetery, located in the rear of Lot 708 which faces Gull Lane.   Julius and Emma Bremer are buried there along with other family members. Julius was born in Texas, and Emma was born in Prussia. They had at least 3 sons and a daughter, plus two other children or close relations. According to his headstone, Julius was born Oct. 28, 1849 and died Dec. 14, 1894. 
Another family, the Suche’s, also lived in the immediate area. The parents were both born in Prussia and they had two sons and a daughter, all reasonably close in age to the Bremer and Haas families. 

It won’t surprise you that many marriages connected later generations of the settling families. And so our area began to be populated, communities thrived and a great legacy was built on the land we all now call home.

The Haas Cemetery
Travel to Astral Point off Cranes Mill Road and, just past Triton Drive on the right, you will find the Haas family graveyard on the front right corner of Lot 202. Both born in Prussia, Karl and Katharina Haas are buried here, with dates of 1819-1899 and 1815-1887, respectively.   They also had 3 sons and a daughter, plus one other child or close relation. 

Both of these cemeteries are surveyed reserves, and the plots (and access to them) are family property. Both families have many living heirs and assigns.


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