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The Rebecca Creek Community and School

Reflect back in time when the land around Mystic Shores was being settled by immigrants. New settlements spawned mills, churches, stores and schools. Early Texas education expanded in the late 1800’s as groups of parents petitioned the County Commissioners and started small community schools. Mystic Shores includes the site of the historic one-room Rebecca Creek School, which served the Rebecca Creek area.

The Rebecca Creek community was settled in 1854 by Joachim Pantermuehl (1792-1876). The Pantermuehl’s settled at the mouth of Rebecca Creek, near the public boat ramp in today’s Cypress Cove. The new community attracted farmers and ranchers due to the rich, fertile river valley on the Guadalupe River. The area mill, operated by water-power, produced an abundant supply of cedar and cypress lumber.

Julius Bremer gifted and deeded five acres of land for Rebecca Creek School in 1882. Mr. Bremer stipulated that the land be used for both a schoolhouse and a home for a teacher. The one-room school and teacher’s home were located at what is now 910 Mystic Shores Boulevard, just west of the Suche Creek bridge.

The first Rebecca Creek School trustees were Mr. Bremer, Gottleib Hildebrand and Christian Pantermuehl. Hildebrand is listed in the 1880 Comal County census as a farmer living next to the Suche family. Christian Pantermuehl was the son of Joachim. Christian married Marie Baetge in 1867, daughter of immigrants from St. Petersburg, Russia. Marie’s family had settled the Demijohn Bend area in 1852 across the Guadalupe River. She and others forded the river on horseback, then followed the path “as the crow flies” over the hills and through pastures to attend Rebecca Creek School.

Albert Wunderlich was the first teacher at Rebecca Creek School. Albert was the grandson of Joachim Pantermuehl by Pantermuehl’s daughter, Alwina, who married Friedrich Wunderlich in 1850. Through purchases and inheritance, the Wunderlich’s accumulated land in the Rebecca Creek area, including what is now the west side of Mystic Shores, Cypress Cove and Cascada.

Rebecca Creek School was closed in 1940. However, remnants of daily life around the old school exist today. A line of stones, which may be part of the school’s old foundation, is partly buried but still visible. There is still an old hand-dug, stone-lined well nearby, as well as a large, open cement watering trough. The seasonal Suche Creek runs along in front of the site. Property owners have enjoyed uncovering many artifacts from their property.  One says, “We have found old window pane glass—possibly from the school—and buckets full of ceramic and colored glass pieces and a variety of iron and metal objects. Each time it rains, another layer of the past comes to the surface.”


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