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The Nordan Family 711 Ranch
In researching the history behind Mystic Shores, several sources from the days of the 711 Ranch have been particularly interesting - Mrs. Anita Lindsey, one of two daughters of the 711 Ranch owners (Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Nordan), and Mr. Albert Blankenship, a retired cattle foreman of the 711 Ranch.   It is hard to know where to start in imparting the stories these two have shared! But let’s start with a few basics about the 711 Ranch.

The Nordan family had two ranches. The first was about 11,000 acres west of Boerne called the 711 Ranch. They then established the ranch lands of roughly 8,000 acreas that became Mystic Shores, called the 711 Ranch-Comal. 

One obvious question is “Why the name of “711”?” You may have heard that Mr. Nordan owned the corner “7-11” stores. Well, no. Or that Mr. Nordan won the land in a game of craps, where the first dice throw of 7 or 11 wins…or that he won his first oil well playing craps. Well, great stories, but no! Though Mr. Blankenship confirms that Nordan was a self-made oil and gas wildcatter, he and Mrs. Lindsey agreed on the real story about the ranch name – that 711 was both part of the family business address and phone number and became a part of their ranching enterprise names. Though not as exciting as the other tales, this insight does underscore that the 711 Ranch-Comal was a business for the Nordans. They had prize-winning cattle and enough other ranch activity that they had a lead ranch manager and specialized foremen for the cattle, sheep, horses, fences and hay. Many of these employees lived in the German block stone houses throughout the ranch, later torn down (all but one) as Bluegreen prepared to develop the ranch for sale.

If you ever get wistful about the loss of a grand Texas ranch to what is now a subdivision, be encouraged by words from Mrs. Lindsey. In a visit to the new subdivision of Mystic Shores, she was cautioned to not be surprised that the old ranch was not the old ranch anymore, but was now the site of many new roads and homes under construction. She responded: “Oh, no worries, that land was meant to be lived on and loved.” And, indeed, it is!


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