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The 711 Ranch Cattle Operations
Instead of travelling newly paved roads and viewing beautiful custom homes, imagine entering the land of Mystic Shores on ranch roads and viewing large, red Santa Gertrudis cattle roaming around you. What was once the “711 Ranch – Comal” was the home of a large cattle operation with roots connected to the King Ranch of Texas. 

The Santa Gertrudis cattle were named after the land grant on which Captain Richard King first founded the legendary King Ranch. Captain King embarked upon breeding cattle that would thrive in the brushy, dry land of South Texas. In about 1910, the King Ranch’s efforts began to systematically produce superior cattle well-suited to the harsh environment with a cross of 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Shorthorn cattle. The new Santa Gertrudis breed became known as American’s first “beef breed”. 

The King Ranch was selective on who purchased its Santa Gertrudis bulls, selling to big ranchers with proven abilities to grow and maintain a herd. The 711 Ranch owner, Mr. L.A. Nordan, bought a Santa Gertrudis bull from the King Ranch – called Bull Number 12 - which became the start of his new 711 Santa Gertrudis herd. The 711 Ranch was a member of the Santa Gertrudis International Association, headquartered in Kingsville, and Mr. Nordan also began an association with other early breeders called the Pioneer Group, which was part of the SGIA. Though an early member of the SGIA with a low membership number, Mr. Nordan later changed his SGIA membership number to “711”. 

You can do a little more “imagining” of the old ranch days as you drive around Mystic Shores. As an indicator of how harsh the environment is for raising cattle, the very large 711 Ranch-Comal supported about 200 cows, serviced by 6-8 bulls. When Hwy. 306 was extended in the 1970’s from Crane’s Mill Road to Hwy. 281, the 711 Ranch negotiated the bridge over Devil’s Hollow, creating a natural culvert for livestock to safely travel between the north and south sections of the ranch, and a large man-made cattle-crossing culvert under Hwy. 306, which was later removed during development of Mystic Shores. 


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