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Building & Improvements Approval:

Any exterior improvements to your home or property must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) before work may begin. It is the responsibility of each owner to submit two (2) sets of plans for any improvement to the ACC for review. Plans must be approved prior to when construction is to begin. The Improvement Request form is available to download below

"Improvement" is defined as any addition or change to the existing property. Everything is covered from additions to homes, sidewalks, fences, landscaping, pool, patios, decks, flagpoles, basketball goals or backboards, athletic equipment, radio/TV antennae, satellite dishes over one meter (39 inches), backyard sheds, gazebos, exterior colors to home, changing of windows, etc. Please submit a site drawing (showing lot, existing house and any additions, intended placement on site, list of materials, colors, screening, etc.) to the Association office.


It is the owner's responsibility to provide adequate planting and landscaping for their property, as may be required in the applicable DCCR's. Landscaping plans must be submitted to the ACC for approval prior to commencing the work.

 Preliminary Site Plan Review - Residence Only
 Residence or Secondary Dwelling Application
 Outbuildings, Barns or Sheds
 Landscaping, Pools, Fencing or Similar Projects
 Other Projects and Uses
 Variance Request Form

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